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Auxiliar Tools

MOHIDís graphical user interface is composed by two core programs: MOHID GUI and MOHID GIS. Both of them make use of some auxiliar tools:


Mohid PostProcessor


Converto to HDF 5


Digital Terrain Creator


Basin Delineator


River Network


Convert to XYZ

MOHID Post Processor

Mohid Post Processor is a tool to analyze the HDF result files produced by any Mohid executable. This tool allows to visualize the temporal evolution and spatial distribution of any property as a continuous animation. The data can be displayed in several ways like, color maps, isolines, vector plots and particle (for the lagrangian model). The display can be done in different views: XY slice, XZ slice, YZ slice, TZ slice or 3D cube.

Mohid Postprocessor is written in FORTRAN and uses OpenGL to display the results. The file version of the HDF files which Mohid Postprocessor supports are HDF 5 files.


Convert to HDF 5

Many times, data information from different formats than the ones supported by Mohid is required to perform simulations. This is mainly the case for atmospheric data, as Mohid does not simulate explicitly the atmosphere, but needs information about atmospheric properties in time and space.

As information is accessed in different formats, and most formats are changed or updated in relatively short periods of time, it was decided to create an integrating tool that would easily convert a new or different format to Mohidís supported formats. This tool has also the advantage of separating the conversion code from the model main source code, releasing the latter from performing file conversion tasks that have nothing to do with the scientific calculations it was originally designed for. This tool allows also graphically viewing the information given to the modelling simulations, select information from defined periods of time and interpolate information to any grid defined in the original domain, using bilinear or 2D spline interpolation methods.

The tool is written in FORTRAN 95, via an object oriented programming philosophy, and backed up by a graphical user interface, written in Visual Basic .NET, and the Mohid PostProcessor written in FORTRAN that uses the OpenGL graphics libraries.










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