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Semidiurnal and spring-neap variations in the Tagus Estuary : Application of a process-oriented hydro-biogeochemical model 2011

A reach-scale biogeochemical model for temporary rivers 2009

An advanced modelling tool for simulating complex river systems 2009

Effect of coastal waves on sea level in Óbidos Lagoon, Portugal. 2009

Effect of large scale atmospheric pressure changes on water level in the Tagus Estuary 2009

Effect of the bathymetric changes on the hydrodynamics and residence time of the Óbidos Lagoon (Portugal) 2009

Influence of physical factors on residence time: a case study for Óbidos Lagoon, Portugal 2009

Perspectives for a data assimilation system in Tagus Estuary 2009

Streams contribution to bathing water quality after rainfall events in Costa do Estoril- a tool to implement an alert system for bathing water quality. 2009

Three-dimensional modelling of a tidal channel: the Espinheiro Channel (Portugal). 2009

Evaluating light and nutrient limitation in the Tagus estuary using a process-oriented ecological model 2008

Operational Ocean forecasting of the Portuguese waters 2008

Un modelo hidrodinámico-barotrópico para los fiordos australes de Chile entre los 41°S y los 46 °S. 2008

Wind and freshwater influence over hydrocarbon dispersal on Patos Lagoon, Brazil 2008

Analysis of horse mackerel, blue whiting, and hake catch data from Portuguese surveys (1989-1999) using an integrated GLM approach 2007

Application of the Mohid-2D model to a mesotidal temperate coastal lagoon. 2007

Channel-ocean Exchange driven by tides and river flow: Espinheiro Channel (Portugal) 2007

Modelling the influence of nutrient loads on Portuguese estuaries 2007

Participatory dam systems modelling: a case study of the transboundary Guadiana River in the Iberian Peninsula 2007

Varying Temperature Trends in a Central California Estuary 2007

Improvement of pollutant drift forecast system applied to the Prestige oil spills in Galicia Coast (NW of Spain): Development of an operational system 2006

Spatio-temporal variability of ocean temperature in the Portugal Current System. 2006

Horizontal patterns of water temperature and salinity in an estuarine tidal channel: Ria de Aveiro 2005

Management of coastal eutrophication: Integration of field data, ecosystem-scale simulations and screening models 2005

Modeling the main features of the Algarve coastal circulation during July 2004: a downscaling approach 2005

Modelling macroalgae using a 3D hydrodynamic-ecological model in a shallow, temperate estuary 2005

Survival of Sardine Larvae off the Atlantic Portuguese Coast: A preliminary numerical study. 2005

Survival of sardine larvae off the Atlantic Portuguese coast: a preliminary numerical study 2005

Hydrodynamics and transport in the coastal zone of São Paulo – Brazil 2004

Slope current in the Cantabrian: Observation and modeling of seasonal variability and interaction with Aviles Canyon. 2004

3D hydrodynamic modelling of the Tagus region of fresh water influence. Special volume on the Atlantic Iberian Continental Margin Symposium 2003

A methodology to estimate renewal time scales in estuaries: the Tagus Estuary case 2003

Aspects of circulation over submarine canyons: a numerical study. Special volume on the Atlantic Iberian Continental Margin Symposium 2003

Calibração de Um Sistema de Modelação para o Estuário do Guadiana. Special volume on the Atlantic Iberian Continental Margin Symposium 2003

Enhanced primary production over seamounts: a numerical study. Special volume on the Atlantic Iberian Continental Margin Symposium 2003

Some hydrological and nephelometric aspects over Nazaré and Setúbal (Portugal) submarine canyons. Special volume on the Atlantic Iberian Continental Margin Symposium 2003

The role of Physics controlling the Eutrophication processes in Estuaries 2003

Tracking the ‘Prestige’ Oil Spill. An operational Experience in Simulation at MeteoGalicia. 2003

A circulation model for the European ocean margin 2002

A Model for Ocean Circulation on the Iberian Coast 2002

Hydrodynamic model study of the Ria de Pontevedra under estuarine conditions 2002

Physical processes and modelling at ocean margins 2002

3D modelling of the Sado Estuary using a new generic vertical discretization approach 2001

Dispersion de Particulas en la Ria de Ribadeo: Modelizacion Euleriana Y Lagrangiana 2001

Physical structures, advection and mixing at Goban Spur 2001

A two dimensional particle tracking model for pollution in A Coruña and Vigo Rias (NW Spain) 2000

Modelação Numérica da Circulação da Água no Solo 2000

Numerical Simulation of Internal Tides 1999

On residual circulation of the Ria of Vigo using a 3-D baroclinic model 1999

The slope current along the Western European Margin: a numerical investigation 1999

Transport and Mixing Simulation Along the Continental Shelf Edge Using a Lagrangian Approach 1999

Evaluation of the Seasonal Variations in the Residual Patterns in the Ría de Vigo (NW Spain) by means of a 3D Baroclinic Model 1998

Hydrodynamic and sediment suspension modelling in estuarine systems. part I: description of the numerical models 1998

Hydrodynamic and sediment suspension modelling in estuarine systems. part II: Application in the Scheldt and Gironde Estuaries 1998

Waste water diffusion in the Estoril Coast: Theoretical calculations and Field Studies 1998

Modelo Hidrodinâmico de Circulação Oceânica 1997

Modelling the wind driven flow off Iberian Peninsula 1994

Numerical modelling of suspended sediment transport in tidal estuaries: a comparison between the Tagus (Portugal) and the Scheldt (Belgium-The Netherlands) 1994

Numerical Modelling of Turbidity Dynamics in the Schelde Estuary 1994

Modelling Transport and Dispersion of Effluent Outfalls 1993

On a model to propagate surface waves - a second order approach 1992

A Semi-Implicit tidal Model of the European Continental Shelf 1985

A spatio-temporal model for mean, anomaly and trend fields of North Atlantic sea surface temperature (with discussion)

Hierarchical Bayesian modeling of wind and sea surface temperature from the Portuguese coast

Implementation and validation of a SFEK filter data assimilation application for an hydrodynamic model of the Tagus Estuary

Sensitivity analysis of a morphodynamic modeling system applied to a coastal lagoon inlet

The Tagus estuarine plume as a response to wind and river runoff: Winter 2007 case study

Trends, annual cycles, auto-correlations and cross-correlations in environmental data: a review of wind and SST time series from the Portuguese coast

Using fecal pollution modeling as a management tool in coastal areas: a case study.

Water temperature variability in an estuarine tidal channel (Ria de Aveiro, Portugal)








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