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The turbulent transport of momentum, mass and heat in the Mohid can be calculated in a simplified way using constant diffusion coefficients. The user can also use simplified parameterizations to compute variable diffusion coefficients. However in the vertical due to the sharp gradients usually present in this direction, the user can compute the evolution of turbulent flow properties in a more realistic way using the k-e GOTM model .  This model gather the most known and well tested parameterizations of the k-e model applied to ocean and costal waters. This set of parameterizations goes from the well known Mellor & Yamada (1974) parameterization to the most up-to-date ones like Canuto et al. (2001). 


Horizontal Turbulence

bulletConstant diffusion coefficient
bulletProportional to depth and to the square of velocity

Vertical Turbulence

bulletConstant diffusion coefficient
bulletFollowing Rodi classification
bullet0 equations : Nihoul (1984), Leendertse & Liu (19??), Backhaus & Hainbucher (1987), Pacanowski & Philander (1981)
bullet 2 equations : GOTM Global Ocean Turbulence Model .












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