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Eulerian Transport

(Water Properties Module)

The water properties module coordinates the evolution of the water properties in the water column, using a eulerian approach. This coordination includes the transport due advective and diffuse fluxes, water discharges from rivers or anthropogenic sources, exchange with the bottom (sediment fluxes, particulate matter settling) and the surface (heat fluxes and oxygen fluxes), and the internal sinks and sources (water quality) which includes partition between the dissolved and adsorbed fraction of for example a contaminant.

Actually the model Mohid can simulate 24 different water properties: temperature, salinity, phytoplankton, zooplankton, particulate organic phosphorus, refractory dissolved organic phosphorus, non-refractory dissolved organic phosphorus, inorganic phosphorus, particulate organic nitrogen, refractory organic nitrogen, non-refractory organic nitrogen, ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, biological oxygen demand, oxygen, cohesive sediments, ciliate, bacteria, particulate arsenic, dissolved arsenic, larvae and fecal coliforms.

Any new property can be added very easily, due to the object orientated programming used within the Mohid model.










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