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Mohid Main Modules Description

In the following table it's presented a short description of MOHID main modules:

Module Name Module Description
Hydrodynamic Full 3D dimensional baroclinic hydrodynamic free surface model. Computes the water level, velocities and water fluxes.
Turbulence 1D turbulence model. Uses various formulations including the GOTM model.
Water Properties (Eulerian Transport) Eulerian transport model. Manages the evolution of the water properties (temperature, salinity, oxygen, cohesive sediments, etc.) using a eulerian approach.
Water Quality 0D water quality model. Simulates the oxygen, nitrogen and phosphorus cycle. Used by the eulerian and the lagrangian transport modules. Based on a model initially developed by EPA (1985).
Lagrangian Lagrangian transport model. Manages the evolution of the same properties as the water properties module using a lagrangian approach. Can also be used to simulate oil dispersion.
Oil Oil dispersion module. Simulates the oil spreading due thickness gradients and internal oil processes like evaporation, emulsification, dispersion, dissolution and sedimentation.
Jet This model is responsible to compute the initial dilution of a submarine jet.
Sediment Properties Sediment compartment module. Manages the evolution of the sediment particulate and dissolved properties. It is prepared to use water fluxes from both module Soil and module Consolidation in order to compute solutes transport.
Consolidation 1DV consolidation module. Computes, following a decay rate formulation, the sediment layers consolidation and upward interstitial water fluxes.
Interface Water-Air Boundary conditions at the top of the water column (wind, air temperature, precipitation). If the water column is not present, it can provide boundary conditions to the top of the sediment compartment.
Interface Sediment-Water Boundary conditions at the bottom of the water column and at the top of the sediment compartment. Handles the deposition, erosion and consolidation fluxes in the cohesive sediment transport model.










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