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Sediment Model

(Sediment Properties Module)

The MOHIDís sediment compartment is seen as media composed of sediment, water and in some cases air. This module was developed based on module WaterProperties. Therefore, properties can either be dissolved, in the interstitial water, or adsorbed onto the sediment. They also can be specific of the sediment or they can interact with the water column. In this case, boundary conditions at the water-sediment interface are provided by module Bottom. If there is no water column, then boundary conditions are provided directly by module Surface.

Module SedimentHydrodynamic is responsible for computing the water flow within the sediment layers, taking two different approaches: the water flow in saturated media and in non-saturated media. This module functions as an interface using two modules, built on similar structures, that compute the water fluxes following those two approaches: module Consolidation and module Soil.

Solute advective and diffusive transport is solved by module AdvectionDiffusion. Properties sinks and sources terms can be either partitioning between adsorbed and dissolved phases or they can be computed by module SedimentQuality, a zero-dimensional soil carbon and nitrogen cycling model.










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