MOHID Water Modelling System 

MOHIDing 2018

Users and developers of MOHID Water Modelling System gathered together at Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon (Portugal), for intense MOHIDing during the 7th and 8th of June 2018. The workshop aimed to discuss the new features in MOHID system developed in last years, present the current state and ongoing developments and applications, and to discuss ideas for future developments. The meeting counted with participants from AZTI (Spain), Bentley Systems (Portugal), CIMA-Universidade do Algarve (Portugal), HIDROMOD (Portugal), INTECMAR (Spain), MAREFOZ-Universidade de Coimbra (Portugal), MARETEC-Instituto Superior Técnico (Portugal), Rivages Pro Tech-SUEZ (France) and Universidade dos Açores (Portugal). This is the first of a series of workshops and end users meetings that will be celebrated in an annual basis. More information of the next event will be distributed in due time. Please find below a list of the workshop presentations along to the presenter name and institution.

Sessions and Presentations Download all presentations in pdf

7th June - Morning Session

Francisco J. Campuzano (MARETEC-IST)MOHIDing introduction. Download pdf
Matthias Delpey (RTP-SUEZ)Monitoring and forecasting nearshore water quality in real time to support the management of bathing areas.
Marina Chifflet (AZTI)MOHID water for the Nervión estuary: modelling Escherichia coli concentration. Download pdf
Pedro Montero (INTECMAR)INTECMAR Applications for oil spill and aquaculture. Download pdf
Matthias Delpey (RTP-SUEZ)

Transport of floating marine Litter in the coastal area of the south-eastern Bay of Biscay: a Lagrangian approach using modelling and observations. Download pdf

Sofia Saraiva (MARETEC-IST)

Long story short on Module Bivalve. Download pdf

João G. Rodrigues (HIDROMOD)

Running MOHID in forecast mode for the Thracian Sea using the AquaSafe platform. Download pdf

Francisco J. Campuzano (MARETEC-IST)

Coupling of watersheds, estuaries and regional seas through numerical modelling for Western Iberia: river discharge influence in the near open ocean. Download pdf

7th June - Afternoon Session

Flávio Martins (CIMA-UAlg)MOHID applications by CIMA around the world. Download pdf
Manuela Juliano (UAzores)Downscalling methods for the Azores region. Download pdf
Paulo Leitão (HIDROMOD)Downscalling CMEMS IBI 3D hourly solution. Download pdf
Luis Fernandes (Bentley)

MOHID Water in Action. Download pdf

Ana Oliveira (MARETEC-IST)

Aplicações do MOHID Land. (In Portuguese) Download pdf

Pedro Leitão (HIDROMOD)

MOHID Land implementations to support consultancy and forecast systems. Download pdf

Frank Braunschweig (Bentley)

MOHID Land in Action. Download pdf

Francisco J. Campuzano (MARETEC-IST)

LAMDBA project: LAnd-Marine Boundary Development and Analysis. Download pdf

Ramiro Neves (MARETEC-IST)

Sea observatory and operational modelling system for the south-eastern Brazilian shelf. Download pdf

8th June - Morning Session

Ramiro Neves (MARETEC-IST)MOHID Whish list. Download pdf
Paulo Leitão (HIDROMOD)One Idea => One Module: Taking advantage of MOHID unique code structure. Download pdf
Luis Fernandes (Bentley)MOHID in Action @ Bentley. Download pdf
João Sobrinho (MARETEC-IST)

Bidirectional method for MOHID modelling system. Download pdf

Ricardo Canelas (MARETEC-IST)

Starting MOHID Lagrangian. Download pdf

Mariangel Garcia (MARETEC-IST)

Data assimilation project for MOHID: A proposal. Download pdf

Matthias Delpey (RTP-SUEZ)

MOHID-GLM: code developments for 3D waves-current interactions. Download pdf

João Sobrinho (MARETEC-IST)

COARE algorithm implementation in MOHID. Download pdf

Paulo Leitão (HIDROMOD)

MOHID - Domain Decomposition Parallelization: Best practices. Download pdf