MOHID Water Modelling System 

MOHIDing 2019

Users and developers of MOHID Water Modelling System gathered together at Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon (Portugal), for intense MOHIDing during the 11th, 12th and 13th of December 2019. The workshop aimed to discuss the new features in MOHID system developed in last years, present the current state and ongoing developments and applications, and to discuss ideas for future developments. The meeting counted with participants from AZTI (Spain), Bentley Systems (Portugal), HIDROMOD (Portugal), INTECMAR (Spain), MAREFOZ-Universidade de Coimbra (Portugal), MARETEC-Instituto Superior Técnico (Portugal), METEOGALICIA (Spain), Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) (Brazil) and Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (Spain). This is the second edition of the MOHIDing of a series of workshops and end users meetings that will be celebrated in an annual basis. In this case, it was celebrated the first MOHID Hackathon in order to work in the code of the new MOHID Lagrangian model. More information of the next event will be distributed in due time. Please find below a list of the workshop presentations along to the presenter name and institution.

Group Picture of MOHIDING 2019
Hackathon Session at MOHIDING 2019

Sessions and Presentations Download all presentations in pdf

11th December - Morning Session

Francisco J. Campuzano (MARETEC-IST) MOHIDing introduction. Download pdf
Paulo Leitão (HIDROMOD) MOHID Water – New features 2019. Download pdf
Anabela Venâncio (METEOGALICIA) MOHID operational forecast at Meteogalicia - a general overview of the present and future. Download pdf
Francisco J. Campuzano (MARETEC-IST) MyCoast and Forcoast projects. Download pdf
Pedro Montero (INTECMAR)

A QGIS plugin for MOHID Lagrangian Model. Download pdf

João Ribeiro (HIDROMOD)

MOHID & Tsunamis: generation, propagations and risk analysis. Download pdf

Marta López (MARETEC-IST)

Ocean Acidification perspective with MOHID. Download pdf

Alexandre Correia (MARETEC-IST)

Implementation of a hydrodynamic model to an aquaculture area in Sines, Portugal. Download pdf

11th December - Afternoon Session

Luis Fernandes (BENTLEY) 10 new things you can now do with MOHID. Download pdf
Sofia Bartolomeu (HIDROMOD) PCOMS – improvement of the light extinction parametrization. Download pdf
Rafael Campos (UFRJ) Interação entre ondas e correntes no estuário do Rio Tejo. Download pdf
Ricardo Canelas (BENTLEY) & Daniel Garaboa (USC)

MOHID Lagrangian: Introduction of V0.3. Download pdf

Hilda de Pablo (MARETEC-IST) & Daniel Garaboa (USC)

Marine Litter Modelling in the CleanAtlantic. Download pdf

12th December - Morning Session

Paulo Leitão (HIDROMOD) MOHID and sediment transport from a consultant's perspective.
João Sobrinho (MARETEC-IST) MOHID code optimizations. Download pdf
João Sobrinho (MARETEC-IST) Upscaling algorithm implementation in MOHID model. Download pdf
Flávio Santos (MARETEC-IST)

The CMEMS User Uptake LAMBDA project. Download pdf